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Henry Armstrong

Commandant Sergeant Major (CSM) Henry Armstrong is a native of Covington, KY. He enlisted into the US Army in 1943 at 18, 6 months before he graduated high school. Armstrong

Dan Hurley

Cincinnati’s beloved Dan Hurley shares stories about his father during World War II and his quest to uncover his father’s story, a white officer with an all African American company

Connie Bergstein Dow

Connie Bergstein Dow is the daughter of Frank David Bergstein, who grew up in South Avondale, Cincinnati. Frank enlisted to fight in World War II in July, 1941, and immediately following

Sandy Kaltman

Sandy tells the story of her mother and Holocaust survivor, Roma Kaltman. Roma was born in Lodz, Poland in 1926. She was 13 years old when Nazi Germany invaded her

Conrad Weiner

Conrad was born in Storojinetz, a small town in Bucovina, once part of Romania (currently part of Ukraine) in 1938. After a brief occupation of the region by the Soviet

Dr. Jan Láníček

Dr. Láníček is an Associate Professor in Modern European and Jewish History at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. He is currently completing a study of post-Holocaust

Bob Mermelstein

Bob tells the story of his mother’s experiences before, during, and after the Holocaust. Bob has lived in Cincinnati for the past 50 years. He is retired from careers at

Judith Rapport

Judith Rapport shares the story of her grandfather Judge Walter Wertheim during the Holocaust and his legacy. Walter recalled the event of Kristallnacht and his journey alone from his home

Arnold Newfield

Arnold’s family fled Vienna in 1938. He was born in Westerbork, a transit camp in the Netherlands, a couple years later. The family was then separated, and his father sent

Helen Marks

Born in Belgium in 1941, Helen survived the Holocaust as a child. She now resides in Ohio. She was a social studies teacher and works with the Maltz Museum to

Ron Schwarz

Ron Schwarz is the son of Holocaust Survivor Charles Schwarz. As a boy, Charles lived in Nazi Germany before fleeing to France, witnessed the German occupation of France, and completed